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Fair Play Policy
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Cat Daddy Fair Play Policy

We appreciate your interest in our Fair Play Policy, which is something we here at Cat Daddy take seriously.

Providing a fair gaming experience for our players is paramount. In that vein, we do not, and will not, tolerate cheating, abusive behavior or toxicity of any kind. Any account involved in the practices listed below will lead to penalties such as revoked in-game currency, temporary game suspension and permanent game account closure.

Cheating or Hacking

Using any third party software to gain an unfair advantage is unacceptable. Third party software includes unapproved apps or software that aim to provide unfair advantages which can also put your account and privacy at risk.

Third party software includes:

Violation of these rules will lead to permanent game account closure.

Abusive Behavior

All of us love gaming, especially with friends and other gamers. It’s okay to lose, but please lose with respect. Being abusive to your fellow gamers is unacceptable, and creates a toxic environment nobody wants to be a part of. Please be respectful to others, whether that’s through in-game communication, or even your player name or team name.

Below is what we consider inappropriate behavior:

If you see this type of behavior while enjoying our games, please be sure to report it to our Feedback team so they can investigate and take the appropriate action.

Violation of these rules will lead to temporary or even permanent game account closure. Making false reports can also lead to the same consequences.

Selling or Purchasing Unauthorized In-Game Currency

Some third-party websites and individuals may offer discounted in-game currency, but don’t be fooled: this is a scam. These types of “sales” can request private login information, such as Apple ID, Google Play credentials et cetera, in order to gain access to your account. They will then steal your account and strip it of its valuables. Do not give your login credentials to anyone, ever.

Additionally, users found promoting, endorsing or advertising these third party sites will have their accounts permanently closed.

Please note: Cat Daddy Games and 2K Games will never ask for your password, so be wary of anyone posing as an employee who is asking for your account information.

Purchasing in-game currency from a third party vendor can lead to revoked in-game currency and permanent account closure.

Buying, Selling, and Sharing Game Accounts

Buying, selling and sharing game accounts is prohibited. As stated above, never share your account information with anyone as there are multiple risks surrounding buying, selling or sharing game accounts:

We cannot guarantee the security of any account that is passed from one player to another, and we reserve the right to permanently ban any account that has been transferred between players.

Additional Unacceptable Behavior

If you are unsure of whether or not your actions may violate Cat Daddy’s Fair Play Policy, please reconsider them. Cat Daddy reserves the right to take action on offending accounts in order to preserve a fair playing atmosphere for all of our players.