Cat Daddy Games is a 2K studio working on WWE SuperCard, NBA 2K Mobile, and more!
About Cat Daddy Games
Old CatDaddy Games logo on the left and Current Logo on the right

Our Story

What's with the name?
Way before Harley Howe and Patrick Wilkinson formed Cat Daddy Games 20+ years ago, Harley was exposed to the perils of falling trees at a family-owned timber company. In those days, a cut tree commonly got stuck on other trees as it fell towards the ground. The solution was a person called a "cat daddy." A cat daddy climbed up stuck trees to hack away at their tangled branches ... and then had to rush downwards as trees started to fall. The more time Harley spent with cat daddys, the more he realized they were responsible for enormous amounts of creativity and bravery.
And so ...
Cat daddys left quite the impression on Harley. When Pat and Harley started their video game company, it seemed fitting that Cat Daddy Games be the name. After all, Pat and Harley were operating without a safety net and making adventurous games on a variety of emerging platforms. Kinda like a nerdier version of cat daddys.
Family spirit
Cat Daddy Games is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, so it’s part of a pretty big family. And while we love making massive games and being in something so impressive, the studio is a small group of incredibly talented game makers who get the job done with collaboration, skill, grit and humor.
Cat Daddy has shipped games of almost every genre and on almost every platform. Whether it was the rise of simulation games, handhelds, the Wii, Kinect, and now VR and mobile, we've always pushed to make something cool. We are a fun, hard-working, and dedicated family of experienced game developers. A lot of our employees have been here for over 10 years and we're growing our family even more!
Your own workspace
We offer various perks that come with being part of a large corporation - competitive pay, medical, paid time off, and other alternative benefits that'll help keep you moving and healthy. Our studio perks include a fully-stocked kitchen and, arguably most importantly, offices. We like open floorplans as much as other guys, but we also embrace our employees having their own environment to create and play. If you want to blast a song while coding, go right ahead. Just, you know, remember to close your door.
Get to know us
Our current focus is on cross-platform mobile titles and emerging platforms like virtual reality. If you like what we're doing, maybe check out our 2K Jobs page? And, hey, even if your exact position isn't listed, please reach out!
Timeline of games release by Cat Daddy.1996 Studio Start. 2007 Carnival Games. 2008 Carnival Games Mini Golf. 2009 Birthday party Bash. 2009 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Circus. 2010 New Carnival Games. 2011 Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do! 2012 Let's Cheer. 2012 Gridblock. 2012 House Pest:Fiasco the Cat. 2012 Herd Herd Herd. 2012 Comedy Central's Indecision Game. 2013 MyNBA2K14. 2013 Bejumbled. 2013 Sensei Wars. 2013 Turd Birds. 2014 WWE SuperCard Season 1. 2014 MyNBA2K15. 2015 WWE SuperCard Season 2. 2015 MyNBA2K16. 2015 Evolve: Hunters Quest. 2015 NHL SuperCard. 2016 WWE SuperCard Season 3. 2016 MyNBA2K17. 2016 Mafia III: Rivals. 2016 Carnival Games VR. 2017 WWE SuperCard Season 4. 2017 MyNBA2K18. 2018 WWE SuperCard Season 5. 2018 MyNBA2K19. 2018 NBA 2K Mobile Season 1. 2019 WWE SuperCard Season 6. 2019 MyNBA2K20. 2019 NBA 2K Mobile Season 2.